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Ten Funniest Events on Earth!

The world is a funny place, and a lot has happened on Earth. People say that truth is stranger than fiction, and it can also be a lot funnier too. Check out these funniest historical events to learn about some of the almost unbelievable stuff that has happened since the dawn of civilisation.


1. The Great Emu War

Australia began a war of their own after WWI had ended - against emus. They decided that emus needed to be culled and employed machine guns to do it. But six days and 2,500 rounds later, not one emu was dead.


2. The Inevitable Car Crash

Just two cars drove on the roads of Ohio in 1895. And yet they both managed to crash into each other.


3. The Vodka Shortage

When Russia learned that Germany had surrendered at the end of WWII, they naturally took to drinking in celebration. A short 22 hours later, when Stalin addressed the nation, there was no vodka left. They could have done with some of the "Drink it hardcore" clothing from our selection of funny slogans.

4. Caligula

The Roman Empire had its fair share of unstable leaders, but perhaps none more so than Caligula. He did some strange things in his time, including declaring war against Poseidon. He ordered thousands of soldiers to stab the sea. He also started a plan to invade Britain, but when he and his army arrived at the English Channel, he decided he couldn't be bothered. So they all collected some seashells and went home.


5. The Rude Parrot

When President Andrew Jackson died in 1845, his pet parrot was present at his funeral. Unfortunately, it was made to leave because it wouldn't stop swearing.

6. The Town That Couldn't Stop Dancing

In 1518, hundreds of people started to dance in the streets of Strasbourg, in the Alsace area of France. Many danced for days over about a month, with some dying of heart attacks, strokes or exhaustion. To this day, no one knows what caused it, although it could have been a hallucinogenic fungus found on wheat.


7. The Extra Italian

In 1866, 80 soldiers from Lichtenstein went to Italy. They all returned alive, with the addition of one extra person - an Italian who had defected. Perhaps our "I love my enemies" t-shirts and hoodies would have been suitable for them.


8. Skinny Dipping Presidents

A number of America's presidents enjoyed going skinny dipping, often in the Potomac. They include John F. Kennedy, who would require anyone who wanted to talk to him to skinny dip as well. Teddy Roosevelt would sometimes bring his whole cabinet with him, while John Quincy Adams once had his clothes stolen by a reporter. Unfortunately, Wellcoda couldn't be there to rescue him with some of our apparel…


9. The Stolen Bucket

In the 1300s, some people from Modena in Italy stole a bucket from Bologna. Bologna declared war, but after a couple of thousand casualties, they didn't manage to get their bucket back.


10. Wellcoda Funny Designs

While not a singular event, there are a number of people in history who have supposedly died from laughing. We promise that none of the funny quotes or phrases on our clothing will kill you, although they will make you laugh.

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