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10 facts you didn't know about Black Friday!



Black Friday is now a huge deal around the world, and it can get pretty crazy. Here are 10 facts you didn’t know!


How The Term ‘Black Friday’ Was Coined

One theory on the Black Friday we know today, is that it came about in the 1960s when stores still used pen and ink to keep track of things. Usually, Black Friday meant that they’d get out of the red and back into the black with all of the sales they’d make.

Many say the term didn’t become more widespread until the 90s, with it being confined mainly to Philadelphia for a long time. However, there are a few theories floating around!


The Busiest Day

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. £555 million is expected to be spent online alone. That’s £385,000 every minute.

 -"£385,000 every minute."

International Black Friday

Countries all over the world have started to embrace Black Friday. Black Friday (although these days it’s more of a month long affair than one day) is held around U.S. Thanksgiving. Canada have it around the same time, even though they have Thanksgiving a month earlier.
Even Mexico usually have theirs around the same time, although it’s a similar time to the 1910 revolution anniversary...
These days, you don’t even need to shop in person to get Black Friday deals. It’s easy to find Black Friday deals online, whether you’re looking for high quality discount clothing or a coffee maker. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday either!

Grey Thursday?

OK, so there’s Black Friday, and we’ve got Cyber Monday.

Retailers overseas are racing to open for shoppers, so some even open on Thanksgiving day, and people are heading out right after they’ve eaten their food. Retailers are calling this day Grey Thursday.

It seems like soon, we’re going to have a month of discounted shopping all over the world with each day given a different name!


Your Deal Might Not Be That Great

Some sneaky manufacturers make products just for Black Friday using cheaper components. The model will look very close to what it’s supposed to be, but the serial number will be different. Make sure you check it!

Luckily, this will likely only be an issue with gadget and tech items, not tank tops, hoodies, t-shirts and the like.


7 People Have Died And 98 Injured

In the U.S. Black Friday gets so frenzied that 7 people have died and 98 have been injured since 2006. More people have been killed/injured by fellow Black Friday shoppers than by sharks.


Shoppers Will Do Anything To Get A Good Deal

Some shoppers will do anything to get a good deal. Two women from Beaumont camped outside of a store 22 days before Black Friday even began to make sure they got a good deal on a TV! Some stores have first come first served specials, and these ladies didn’t want to miss it.


Shoppers Could Be Wearing Beer Goggles

Surveys show that 12% of Black Friday shoppers admit to being under the influence of alcohol.


Watch Out For Pepper Spray

Some shoppers are so hell bent on getting a good deal, they’ll pepper spray anyone in their way. Two dozen people were sprayed in a California Walmart by a crazed woman - she even sprayed kids.


Christmas Shopping Starts Here

Many people start their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Shoppers are expected to spend £775 on gifts, which has risen by £17 since 2013.


Ready for some seasonal shopping yet? Hop on the Wellcoders' Train and Get those Christmas gifts ready now! 

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