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The rise and rise of the hipster movement.

Think you know what a hipster is? Think again! King of the hipster brands – Wellcoda can tell you all about the recent rise of the subculture. After all, we pretty much know it all – if we do say so ourselves. This style has been a revolution among the youth of today and urbanites alike. Walk down any street in the UK, and you will catch a glimpse of the rare, yet stunning creature – the hipster. These people combine a vast array of styles, trends, and cultures. Hipsters are symbolic of everything it means to be young in modern times.

You may have heard people throw this term around – after all, many people call others hipsters. The word dates back to the 1940’s and refers to people on the fringe of the American jazz scene. In its current incarnation, the term embodies a subculture of creative, free-thinkers.



Uber original, chic and sexy – that’s us. To define a hipster is to destroy everything it stands for and is. The entire point of this culture is that people are free to express their individuality. Be it through their dress sense, their political views or their music, these people have a pure sense of originality. Choosing brands based on their ethics rather than their price tag, these people are keen to show that they care about the world. They have an interest in the environment, liberal politics, and humanity. You could say that the scene is more than just a fashion statement – it is a way of life.



Who wants to be a copycat anyhow? Certainly not us! Hipsters are keen not to copy anybody else’s sense of style, which is why they choose their clothes with care. You could say the garments they wear are creative and experimental. They choose tees embellished with indie illustrations and eye-catching, precocious messages. Often provocative, the things that they choose are a mesh of many different fashion styles. The result is a melting pot of many trends, which looks distinct and original.



Quit asking us what we like already! Music is the food of our souls, and we love to stuff ourselves full of indie goodness. There is also a place in our hearts for house and dubstep music as well. Aside from that hipsters like to ‘ironically’ listen to certain cringe-worthy bands. It would not be bizarre to find a hipster proclaiming their undying love for Taylor Swift, with complete and utter irony. At the end of the day, we don’t care about music genres – you can’t define freedom of expression, man. Thus, hipsters refuse to define their music taste.



Think we don’t give a flying fox about ethics? Hey! Hipsters care more about their morals than their cupcakes. They care about their fellow man and, as such, attend protests and the like. They don’t support mass corporations but instead choose independent retailers, cafes, and music. When they buy clothing, they are sure to choose the ethical, indie shop over a high street retailer. They are clear about their political views and are happy to tell you all about them over a latte or two.

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